Margaret River, Western Australia

Lavida  Hook Five Oar

Lavida Hook Five Oar

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The Hook Five Oar is a newly designed, highly functional hook line that has versatile usefulness and a decorative appeal. It has five different hooks on which customers can hang whatever it is they wish or feel like. The hook itself is made of metal and attached to a wooden oar shaped plank. The five hooks are well spaced one from another. Apart from this practically functional usefulness, it is also highly ornamental.
Hooks are a necessity; both for you and your customers. You would be wise to incorporate hooks such as this Hook Five Oar into your shop's display strategy. It would be perfect in displaying several kinds of products while also helping you maximise floor space. Items hanged on the wall would be easily visible to customers. It would also help prevent your shop's floor from being cluttered by goods. Apart from this, customers will also find it just as aesthetically pleasing as it is practically functional.