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Lavida  Hanging  Hamsa Feathers

Lavida Hanging Hamsa Feathers

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This wonderful hanging uses an old powerful talisman called the hand of Miriam or the eye of Fatima and converts it into a protective charm for your home and spaces. Combining the beauty of feathers and the Hamsa is a unique little hangable accent that will build in mystical eastern quality in your spaces.
The hand of Hamsa or the Hand of Miriam is a popular symbol in North Africa Algeria common to Islamic, Jewish and Christian faith, finding its way into symbolism of several ancient religions - but above all it's a symbol of positive confluences of energy bringing in just the right kind of spiritual vibrations into your interiors. This hangable accent has been created from metal and features not just the eye embedded traditional Hamsa hand but also several feathers that give your good thoughts and positive ideas a certain lift and life. The swirls of pattern that makes up the hand itself with its two symmetrical thumbs and the inner eye is followed by three feathers in varied colours that lends the hangable beauty so much charm. There is a length of 70 cm from the hook attached to the top to the bottom feather. Can be placed like any other chime at the window or could be placed at the entrance of your home to build in that oriental appeal.