Margaret River, Western Australia

In a saturated jewellery market, BoldB products are unlike any other. Drawing inspiration from the textures, shapes and contrasts of the natural world, our designs are created using natural materials such as sand and concrete in new and surprising ways. Our designs are perfect as a meaningful gift, or to remember a special holiday or moment - And with proportion of sales from each collection supporting a different non-profit organisation, such as or Room to Read customers can make a statement while supporting change. As a young girl growing up in the village of Garrel in Germany, our designer Britta Boeckmann loved tinkering with the materials and tools from her father’s hardware store to create small toys and drawings. This same young girl would never have believed this passion to create would lead her to found her own jewellery label on the other side of the world 20 years later. Whilst studying Industrial Design at the prestigious Folkwang University, Britta completed an internship with a British jewellery design company and became fascinated by the intricacy of jewellery. When she relocated to Australia with her Aussie partner Britta took the opportunity to bring her ideas to life. Joining a local woodworking group, Britta began combining scrap timbers with colourful resin to create her unique style of natural accessories and has not looked back. Today, Britta is joined at BoldB by her partner Sam and brother-in-law Michael, making BoldB a true family affair.